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As we get closer to the end of December, holiday parties, buying gifts, and making lists dominate our time. Many people tend to make a list of changes they would like to make in the New Year. For some these resolutions help them start off on the right foot. They usually look like this: join the gym, loose weight, eat healthier, quit smoking, and so on… But this year maybe there is a new goal to add to the list: start coworking, a fresh start by meeting new people, realizing new projects. For this, show other people why you like coworking in one picture. All pictures which are linked or sent to us, will be featured in an article ...that is, of course, if the world doesn't come to an end on December 21.
By Amanda Gray - Friday, 14 December 2012

The Great Cycle on the Mayan calendar is near completion. Of course the end of days is up for interpretation. Some go the Doomsday route, by imagining fire and brimstone, the zombie apocalypse, the sun burning out, the whole world freezing over or all clients going on vacation at the same time. Others lean on a more New Agey approach, hoping that the planets will align just right…or that the year of the snake will bring them instant financial security.

Yet most people will be making their lists and hoping to simply start 2013 off on the right foot. We here at Deskmag would love to support that and probably you would like to support it too.

Unfortunately no-one can’t help to prepare for the apocalypse, but we can show non-coworkers an alternative: the whole new world of coworking. For this, show them why you liked coworking this year (or why you like coworking in general) in one picture, then post the picture on your Facebook or Twitter profile and add a link to your coworking space you work at.

If you like that we spread your picture too, include a link to Deskmag (Facebook or Twitter). All pictures which are linked to us will be featured in one article in the beginning of January to show other people why it's fun and worth to go coworking. Please send this picture before January 5th, 2013. Of course, if Armageddon does come, you’ll at least feel a sense of pride that so many people liked your photo and that you already enjoyed the new world of working this year.







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