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What makes the Global Coworking Survey different from other surveys?

We are the longest running coworking survey. The Global Coworking Survey is the only long-term survey in the industry. Many other surveys come and go and rarely share their findings with a wider audience. We, on the other hand, have been publishing our results since 2010, with key findings always available for free.

We take your privacy seriously. Unlike many surveys, the Global Coworking Survey does not collect personal information such as names, email or postal addresses. Questions that ask for identifying information are usually a sign that the data is being collected for marketing purposes, not scientific ones. In these cases, unfortunately, it is often hidden under the guise of a supposedly higher scientific purpose.

We cover the good and the bad. The aim of the Global Coworking Survey is to describe reality in all its nuances. We are not here to judge. For this reason, we believe that anonymous submissions are more honest and reflect reality much better than questionnaires that require identifying information. The latter are often skewed by society's expectations when people enter data that seems more socially acceptable.

We offer prizes for many - not just one. Many surveys use raffles where only one winner is chosen and all other participants and supporters lose. Such a lottery is not only against the spirit of coworking. These rewards can also distort the data, as participants are usually motivated by winning a prize rather than entering real data, destroying any real value of such a survey. Our biggest prize for the respondents is the free publication of the key findings in the hope that the results will create a better coworking environment for members and a more sustainable business for coworking space operators.

In addition, we offer rewards for the survey distribution.

Official supporters will be mentioned in many of our published survey results. Some will include a backlink or logo of your company where possible. In addition, you'll be featured in rotating banner ads on Deskmag until the end of March and on our Wall of Supporters, which will be built on globalcoworkingsurvey.com. Plus, you will receive an in-depth Global Coworking Survey market report of your choice.

Sound great? Just motivate people in your extended network to take the Global Coworking Survey. Such a network should consist of at least 250 email newsletter subscribers or 500 social network followers. The Global Coworking Survey must be the first topic of your newsletter or post and should include some motivational lines and a visible link to the survey. Don't forget to tell us about it and send proof of your sharing activities to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once you are confirmed and approved as an official supporter, send us your logo as well. 


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