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3. Run Virtual and Offline Events

Boosting sales online or offline can be both successful, but there's an even better way to do it. As a coworking space owner, the goal should be to ensure that people in the area are aware of what you offer and how they can take advantage of it. There may be people in the vicinity who still need to consider changing up their favorite sofa for a flex workspace, but you have all the chances to sway their decision and convince them to give it a go. 

“When we were just brand new and just starting to fill up, our events attracted a thousand people to LAMB in six months.”—says Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB—“The thing about the events is that it is such a powerful way for us to send our message without saying it out. Our event schedule says so much about who we are and what we do.”

Hosting networking events for existing and potential members is one great way to foster collaborations as well as get your workspace more recognition and love. You can also organize non-profit nights with charities, workshops featuring industry leaders such as CMOs and CROs, or local influencers. 

Additionally, cooperating with local businesses can be beneficial too. Permit them to showcase their products and services like coffee, pastries, and snacks for participants during your events. By doing this, your coworking space has the chance of becoming a community hub and further establishing its presence.


4. Leverage Partnerships with Local Celebs

Looking for local celebrities to join your coworking space for free is a great way to boost sales and gain visibility. Invite them with a sweet letter and let them host their meetings in your space. They'll get access to a great space and you will receive traffic, helping your business grow! 

If you can find a big influencer that wants to organize an event with media coverage and other famous guests, you will be full of bookings over a night. This strategy is the perfect way to increase popularity while giving people the opportunity to experience your workspace firsthand and rate it properly.


5. Utilize Digital Marketing Tools

For coworking space owners looking to monetize their business, digital marketing tools provide a great way to reach prospective members. To make sure that customers are aware of your flexible workspace, use a mix of marketing techniques, such as SEO, social media, paid ad retargeting, and more.

  • For local visibility, create and keep current your Google My Business listing with information about your workspace services and location. Also, consider listing your space on one or more global coworking space directory sites such as Coworker, Nomad List, and more.

“More initiatives such as Connected Hubs, which is a one-stop-shop for hubs throughout Ireland, will appear in 2023. These resources will provide a vehicle for individual hubs to come together under a shared identity to maximize the economic opportunity for remote working, entrepreneurs, local businesses, and the community the hub serves. A key goal of this network is to facilitate more people working closer to their communities.” Stephen CarolanConnected Hubs 

  • Develop an email list for sending out regular value-added content to both prospective and current members. Part of this should include automation for responding quickly to initial inquiries. 
  • If you have an existing website that isn’t doing everything you need it to do, focus on developing high-quality content and attractive design elements like virtual property tours or online schedulers.
  • Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with potential customers through value-added and exciting content, especially videos! 
  • Pay-per-click platforms can be used for those searching in your local market, helping them discover where you are based more easily.
  • Finally, proper SEO optimization (using optimization tools such as Frase or Clearscope) will help you rank better in searches than larger competitors who may have a better online presence than yours. This, combined with creating a well-designed blog full of relevant content, will help draw attention to your coworking space.

Wind up

Coworking spaces are quickly becoming the go-to for many entrepreneurs and freelancers. With the right hacks, any coworking space can boost its revenue by getting more customers and increasing engagement from existing ones. From signing deals with partners to leveraging networking events, these top five hacks will help get you on your way to higher revenue.  


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